Vancouver Tailors

Tailored suits create a feel about a man or a woman which nothing off a store shelf can even come close to. While many tailors and hand shops would gab away for hours on the intricacies of custom-made suits, it all boils down to one simple statement – too many wrinkles cause bad looks. Wrinkles come from poor engineering including design and make. A well tailored suit would avoid the wrinkles and even after a continuous use of few years would still remain fresh. Poorly-fitting one-size-for-all store items wear themselves off due to their natural disconnect with the body inside.

Vancouver is a colorful city abundant with small shops and owner operators of almost any imaginable business. Even trades seen as remote and considered a flashback from the past are still present – shoe and umbrella repair etc. Hand-made custom shirts and suits are the norm. What is more, some of the families in the small business arena have moved here from Europe or Asia with their trades providing for a unique medley of skills and a rare competition of tradesmen with an interesting concoction of business and marketing ethics.

This army of artists is bound to produce good work – corrected or bespoke suits in any style and from any available material. Their production is almost magic in a sense that it is truly unique and many of the items are simply one of a kind, handmade and unavailable in stores. Since these are keepers which fall short of the typical consumer basket, they do come with a bit of a sticker price shock. Bringing a wardrobe online with contemporary items and skillfully selected colors and styles may cost a pretty penny. The work of Vancouver tailors is guaranteed and coats and pants are designed to last just as their wrinkle-free looks consistently turn heads and rake in compliments.

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