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Sunglasses Case

Ski Goggles – A Needed Piece of Equipment for Winter Sports

During a recent trip to the maintains an important piece of luggage was delayed upon arrival and we had to leave to the ski slopes without the ski boots, sunglasses, ski goggles, snow pants and a few other items. It has long been an understanding that ski boots and goggles are the most important part of the ski equipment paraphernalia. The impression was further fortified in this occasion when the suitcase in question did not appear on the luggage carousel. The airline was helpful and apologetic yet the clock was ticking and we drove on to the slopes.

Skiing in rental boots is already troublesome enough and not having the right goggles for overcast low light conditions and for sunshine adds to the drag and takes the fun out of skiing. Best practices call for two pairs one with yellow or light-amber lenses for cloudy or snowy days and another with darker lenses for bight light and sunny conditions. Some lenses could distort colors so avoid driving with ski goggles. A sunglasses pair is also a necessity and is needed in addition to the goggles. Showing up at an après-ski party on a sunny deck in your ski goggles might be a bit awkward. A small challenge always revolves around how to protect the goggles and sunglasses – a sunglasses case or at least a heavy cloth cover should be an imminent part of the set of ski “tools” to protect from scratches and abuse.

A recent purchase of swimming goggles uncovered a precious find – the case (pictured) where they live is extremely fit for a smaller pair of sunglasses and comes in really handy. Not too suitable for winter sports equipment however. If you are faced in a situation where you need some protection for sports goggles or sunglasses – look in the old cabinets. There might be an old case of some sort which could be the ultimate sunglasses case for you.

Sunglasses Case
A case from swimming goggles can be efficiently used for sunglasses
Sunglasses Case

Lens Colors, Frames and Sunglasses Cases

This post lists the various lens colors and how they matter. Additionally, it briefly outlines other important features of sunglasses such as transmission of light, polarization, UV transmission and optics.

Sunglasses lenses should allow for transmission of light between 10 and 30 percent. A lens with transmission of light of 30 percent will block the remaining 70 percent and thus protect your eyes. Further, polarized lenses are very good for water sports, biking, skiing etc – they block horizontal rays which are reflected off of surfaces such as water, road pavement, snow etc. Horizontal light is aggressive and cause damages to the eye as its strength can often be fortified by the reflecting surface. Other factors which come into play when choosing lenses are UV transmission and optical quality.

UV transmission should be blocked over ninety percent by the lens; driving glasses could have less protection since most windshields have built-in UV protection. To verify if you windshield has UV protection you can do a simple test with your photochromic prescription glasses or ask someone who has some to get in your car on a sunny day. Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to UV light. If yours do not darken in the car with the windows up, then your windshield has UV-protection built-in.

Quality of lens optics applies to how distorted an image is, how well blue light is blocked off and whether colors feel true or not through the lenses. If the green light at the intersection appears bluish – it could be from the yellow lenses of those new shades you just bought.

Colors of the lens define how the eye reacts to light once it goes through the sunglasses. A sunglasses case would ensure that the original colors stay intact for and extended period of time.  Here are some of the most popular colors:

  • Yellow – very good for practicing sports on overcast days or in snowy and rainy conditions. Provide good UV protection however yellow lenses could distort colors.
  • Amber – provide superior contrast by blocking off all blue light which is known to cause distractions. Popular in sports such as sharp shooting, hunting etc. Amber lenses also distort colors.
  • Grey – the most common and universal they lessen light intensity in a most natural manner. Filter out UV light and keep all colors true without distortion.
  • Brown – also very general-use. Similar to grey with additional softening of the warmer colors. Perception of dept is improved and they are recommended for various sports which involve speed and fast moving surroundings.
  • Black – good for situations of extreme brightness. Black lenses could decrease contrast and most sources advise against driving with such lenses. If you have to go through a tunnel with your black lenses on, you would be taking a little too much risk of not being able to see well.
  • Clear – good for some night-time activities such as night skiing, hunting or hiking. Clear lenses are sometimes used in safety goggles.

Another factor to consider is the frame of the sunglasses. Certain sunglasses, even from very reputable manufacturers, come with a see-through or semi-clear frame. What this does is, reflects some of the light from the outside back into the sunglasses which could be irritating and spoil the effect of an otherwise excellent set of lenses. To avoid these situations, refrain from ordering sunglasses online (or try them in a store first) and be sure to test them in the sun or conditions similar to what you need them for. Be sure to pick out a matching sunglasses case with that too so that your investment stays protected and lasts.

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Fancy Dress Glasses

If you decide or get the call to go and celebrate any event that has a fancy dress code you will know how important it is to get your costume looking its absolute best. One of the most important things to get right is the eyewear to complete your costume. Novelty glasses are a big market at the moment, and it is possible to find just about any shape and size of glasses for any event.

One of the major stumbling blocks in finding the correct type of glasses has traditionally been the cost of designer glasses. Now with novelty glasses being so popular, there are many types of internet shops and stores that can help you find exactly the right type that you are looking for. No longer will you have to hunt around in joke shop after joke shop looking for the right kind of glasses to suit your costume – now you can simply visit an online store that specializes in supplying exactly what you need.

Neon sunglasses is one such store that has links to the most popular items on eBay and Amazon, and it is a good way to find exactly what you need so that you don’t need to go to the site itself and sift through the multitude of products, many of which are not what you are looking for.

Originally set up as a site to sell only neon sunglasses (the 80s styled glasses that were very popular back in the day, and are now making a resurgence in popularity), this site now has many other types of novelty glasses listed on its pages. It is a great shortcut to finding the correct kind of glasses for any costume. Of course, there are other sites that are devoted to these kinds of sunglasses. A quick search with your favorite search engine should give you a hint to just how big this market is.

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How to Spend Less on a Flight – Do Not Pay More

Like lots of people I am often hunting for methods to help save money on my upcoming holiday. Perhaps the most expensive parts of virtually any getaway would be the plane journey. To be honest there are some great bargains around if you are traveling within a strict budget but you will need to know what to watch out for.

I understand a number of people purchase using a bank card since it means if the air carrier overbooks the ticket or simply if the air-carrier has gone bankrupt you can get your money back. On the other hand, if you take it a step further and apply for the airlines very own credit card you can receive free air miles for any transaction you make by using it.

Many air travel internet sites automatically check a lot of various extras whenever you book, as an example luggage insurance coverage is typically incorporated on without even checking with the customer first! Also beware of various other costs which you do have to pay for like airport taxes and check in fees which may be obscured till the end of the purchasing process. Remember lots of comparison websites usually do not include everything that you must pay for.

A lot of booking web sites at the moment are offering all-inclusive deals where they supply both the accommodation with airfare factored into an offer. Nevertheless these discounts are actually only obtainable for well-known tourist destinations. If you are searching for Malaga hotels or some other popular tourist town it is usually worth checking with an internet site like Kayak or Expedia because they have some cheap deals.

Checking in on-line can save you quite a bit if you’re flying with a European airliner and they will usually offer the option once you purchase. Even so, keep in mind if you forget to check in on-line you will be charged up to $75 to do this at the air-port. Do not forget only some hotels have online access so plan ahead.

These are my favorite techniques for getting low-cost flights, I have some more tips on my travel guides site.

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