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Sunglasses Case

Sunglasses cases, Prescription Glasses, Swimming and Ski Goggles

The difference between how sunglasses and prescription glasses are stored is slim. Price could be a major difference and motivator. Normally if you live in the US a pair of prescription glasses can be horrendously expensive. In Europe, on the contrary, since the medical system works in a different fashion, prescription glasses are rather be affordable and sunglasses tend to be the bigger expense. This might be the reason one of the reasons why the same pair of Oakley sunglasses in Europe costs 120 euros versus 85 dollars in the US. Either way, cases for both sun- and prescription glasses are similar in structure. A difference here could be the fact that while sunglasses can take some abuse due to the natural resilience/durability of plastic, prescription glasses will break easily. Choosing a proper sunglasses case is a must especially for prescription glasses.

Swimming goggles are smaller and their design allows them to take a good beating and not have any problems. If yours live in a regular plastic bag together with your bathing suit or swimming trunks – you should be just fine. Mine came in an original soft sunglasses case which I admit to rarely use. Professional swimmers should exercise all proper care and even apply anti-fogging spray to the inside of the goggles.

Ski-goggles are normally the favorite in this category since they are naturally uncomfortable to carry around due to their shape unless you wear them on or keep them attached to a helmet. Finding proper casing for them could be rather challenging. Even the really expensive kinds by Smith Optics or Burton etc normally come with only a soft cloth trying to serve the dual purpose of protection and a wipe cloth. The tiny bag is so easy to lose that I never remember having one around for more than a few uses. What I recently came up with, all by chance, was actually very smart as it turned out later. I had a bottle of scotch as a birthday present which came in a mini Louis Vuitton-like leather bag with handles. I have been keeping my ski-goggles in it and never have not lost it since. The perfect sunglasses case!

To find the most appropriate sunglasses case check your closet, your attic, the local Sunglasses Hut etc. In addition, do not forget to swing by a liquor store in case none of the above locations provide proper storage for your glasses.