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Sunglasses Case

How to Choose – for or Against Polarization

Bolle Modulator or Bolle Supercell

Decisions, decisions, decisions… It was time to visit the sunglasses store again. I had wanted to get a pair of polarized sunglasses for a long time. I had red all the great features with their usability and excellent features against reflected and refracted light from surfaces. Bolle Modulator even takes this to the next level – in addition to the polarization, it also provides its light adjusting technology and super quality. The pair is sporty and wraps well around the face blocking almost all light. The frames are solid and non-transparent which removes all partially reflected light from the frame itself.

The person at the store was even nice enough to let me try out and wear the glasses out of the store and check out the modulation. While it is not immediate as in photochromic lenses, the Modulator dims when taken to the ultra violate rays of direct sun and fades back out to almost clear when taken into darker premises. Works as promised.

The reviews I had previously read about people feeling dizzy and light-headed conditions when wearing polarized lenses turned out rather true for me also. I had even seen people advise against driving with polarized sunglasses. The shop attendant explained that this is indeed the fact and, among other reasons, it is partially due to the polarization blocking off all reflected light and somewhat modifying the natural tendency of the retina to adjust and fight glare in its natural manner. He also added that he has been wearing polarized lenses for the last four or five years and is now incapable of wearing other lens-styles. An interesting fact was that the top of the line and most expensive shades in the store which were close to $800 did not have polarization. Maybe it is not for everybody.

I did end up choosing the Bolle Supercell instead – 100% UV protection and no polarization. They felt natural and fit spot on the first time. Rode my bike on the way back from the store – pure pleasure with the new sunglasses on! All I really needed was a pair of bike pants but this is another topic. I even managed to get a semi-soft sunglasses case in with the deal and a wiping cloth. The case itself is somewhat of a triangular shape when sectioned sideways with the front end being from a stiffer shock resistant material. So far it has not gone through any real-life test such as dropping and some serious abuse. Best part about it is that the case came with the sunglasses at no extra charge.

sunglasses case
Bolle Supercell in a branded sunglasses case