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3D Glasses without a Sunglasses Case

This post is a continuation of the hype surrounding 3D glasses and home entertainment 3D TV without glasses. When going to the movie theater, we could either borrow the glasses available there or bring our own. There are several manufacturers of 3D movie gear – Gunnar, Marchon3D, Oakley, RealD etc. Prices range from about $90-125 a pair. Solid color frames and dark frame colors prove to be winners here to avoid glare.

Now that 3D television sets are advertised, do 3D glasses make any sense? If you are a movie addict and insist on running to the theaters for the latest and greatest, then getting your own pair of 3D glasses makes every sense. However, if you rarely frequent the movies, then maybe it could be a good advice that 3D glasses are not ultimately versatile – they really serve just one master. Using them as sunglasses or any other undersigned purpose might not be recommended.

Getting a 3D TV such as the latest by Samsung or LG could be another way to go. Making such an expensive purchase for a single person could translate in years’ worth of visits to the movie theaters. Plus, your TV would not look old school five years down the road and you have better chances to meet someone at the flickers as opposed to watching Fast and The Furious at home solo.

The situation for a family of four or five might be a bit different. At around $15-17 a ticket, cost could quickly add up. If you could hold off the family from visits to the latest shows and wait until they become available on portable media or DVD, getting a 3D TV could pay off in as quickly as a year or two and help you invest the extra savings into a college fund or other financial instruments.

Bottom line is that getting 3D gear might be up to your lifestyle, means and family situation. Either way, be sure to pick up a sunglasses case to store and safeguard you new entertainment 3D goggles.