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Hospitality Industry Becomes More Gracious to the Planet


Contractors get a chance to see various green building methods and materials. They also get to see what we need to do to get a structure LEED certification. While this is all very interesting, the people who choose to make these eco-friendly decisions have really been capturing some attention lately. It looks like they deserve a little appreciation.

Some areas are going beyond the standard certification and are actually honoring businesses and individuals who make a difference in their business. An example of such is “The Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards,” which focuses on people and companies that demonstrate caring for wildlife, resource conservation and the like. They can do anything from installing automatic shutoff valves on their faucets to buying ingredients locally. In the U.S., something similar is happening with the “People & Planet Awards.”

Examples of the types companies that deserve our attention are rampant in the hotel business, which, in all fairness, does use quite a few resources. Las Vegas, one of the busiest tourist destinations on the planet with nearly 125,000 hotel rooms and tens of millions of visitors per year, has the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.” Many hotels in Las Vegas are going green; none however, like the Palazzo. The Palazzo Hotel reuses its resources and thus lessens its impact on the planet. Many buildings in New York City are doing similar things.

Another way that hotels can make a difference is by taking initiatives in product purchasing and active idea generation. The Marriott did the former with a huge purchase of green key cards. These replace traditional plastic keycards, are biodegradable and recyclable. The ink48 Hotel is doing something they call Earthcare. This already eco-friendly hotel is generating even more ideas with this innovative way to get people discussing Earth conscious initiatives.

Hotels are not the only ones taking initiatives. Some schools are planting gardens that help low-income neighborhoods and help kids become more conscious of the environment. In this department, hotels are still taking the attention, however. The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte has thousands of bees on its roof that pollinate their garden and make honey for guests.

No matter who is doing it or where it is being done, it always feels good to see greener practices becoming the standard. With some many travelers around the world, the hospitality industry is a good place to start.

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Vancouver Tailors

Tailored suits create a feel about a man or a woman which nothing off a store shelf can even come close to. While many tailors and hand shops would gab away for hours on the intricacies of custom-made suits, it all boils down to one simple statement – too many wrinkles cause bad looks. Wrinkles come from poor engineering including design and make. A well tailored suit would avoid the wrinkles and even after a continuous use of few years would still remain fresh. Poorly-fitting one-size-for-all store items wear themselves off due to their natural disconnect with the body inside.

Vancouver is a colorful city abundant with small shops and owner operators of almost any imaginable business. Even trades seen as remote and considered a flashback from the past are still present – shoe and umbrella repair etc. Hand-made custom shirts and suits are the norm. What is more, some of the families in the small business arena have moved here from Europe or Asia with their trades providing for a unique medley of skills and a rare competition of tradesmen with an interesting concoction of business and marketing ethics.

This army of artists is bound to produce good work – corrected or bespoke suits in any style and from any available material. Their production is almost magic in a sense that it is truly unique and many of the items are simply one of a kind, handmade and unavailable in stores. Since these are keepers which fall short of the typical consumer basket, they do come with a bit of a sticker price shock. Bringing a wardrobe online with contemporary items and skillfully selected colors and styles may cost a pretty penny. The work of Vancouver tailors is guaranteed and coats and pants are designed to last just as their wrinkle-free looks consistently turn heads and rake in compliments.

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Using an American Garmin Nuvi GPS on a European Vacation

Thousands of Americans decide to vacation in Europe each year, and many of them hire a car when traveling as it lets them have more freedom to drive between countries and explore much more of the continent.  Owners of Garmin Nuvi GPS products who are planning to use their device in Europe should be aware that not all Garmins purchased in the United States will have European mapping on them.

Garmin Nuvis bought in the USA will have City Navigator NT for North America pre-installed on it.  This is the name of the mapping software that Garmin uses and only covers the USA and Canada.  What this means is that when you arrive in Europe and plug your Nuvi in, it will not be able to navigate you anywhere due to not having the most up to date maps for Europe installed.

However, you can fix this issue very easily by simply buying new Garmin Nuvi map updates so that you have City Navigator NT for Europe installed on your product.  This one-off download will cost $89 US Dollars so is quite cheap considering the usage you should get from it.  If you own an older Nuvi from 2007 or 2008 then you might not have the physical memory on the device to load on a European map – if that is the case then Garmin also offer the purchase on an SD Card so you can run the software straight off that – and you can also easily carry it when on your travels.

If you want free Garmin map updates for your holidays then you will be out of luck as Garmin only offer free map updates to over-write an existing version of your pre-installed maps – so in an American customer’s case that would be City Navigator NT for North America and not Europe.

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What are Online Car and RV Auctions Good For?

Whether you want one for your personal use or for your business, a recreational vehicle can provide you with so many benefits than you can think of. For instance, it makes traveling convenient and comfortable for you and your family. If you love traveling all the time, then you most likely encountered numerous bad experiences when it comes to booking hotel rooms, packing, chasing after public utility vehicles, and many others. In order to spare you from all these hustle and bustle, it is especially suggested that you buy your own motor home.  If you wish to spend less, then you can opt to buy a used travel trailer for sale by owner or you can join auctions, too.

RV auctions can be found locally or online. Repossessed RVs are usually auctioned out by private or government institutions. In order to join, you will have to register. Most private companies are pretty strict with regards to requirements though, while government agencies are more lenient. You can also join online auctions if you’d rather stay home and let your fingers do the work. There are a lot of online sites that offer RVs for sale. Make sure though that the sites you join are legitimate.

Joining RV auctions can basically allow you to spend less than you normally should. Most brand new motor homes are pretty expensive that not all people can afford one. Buying your dream car from auctions will help you achieve that dream since most auctioned vehicles are way cheaper. Buying repossessed cars does not necessarily mean that the vehicle is not in good condition. They are repossessed because the original owner was unable to pay the necessary installments or the loan.

If you are able to join online motorhome auctions and are eying a vehicle or two, make sure that you inspect it first. Test drive it if possible so you can be sure that the RV you choose is in fine running condition. If you are not an expert, you can always bring a car mechanic with you.

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The Kona Coast, Hawaii

The Kona Coast in Hawaii is somehow very similar to landscape of Caribbean Island of San Andres and Providencia. Even when the volcanoes are quiet, a drive down the northern part of the Kona Coast is a reminder of their fury. From the Kohola resort areas, where landscaping and irrigation have created lushness, the highway passes through barren black lava fields, a hint, perhaps, of what the world might look like after a nuclear war. The slopes of Mauna Kao are the world’s largest single mountain mass. Yet, it does not look like a mountain, rather like a gentle, outsized hill. It’s very enormity tricks your senses, the way an elephant’s size might trick a flea on its back.

At Kailua Kena, the landscape is forgotten in a town rich in history. Kamehameha the Great ruled the islands from here until his death in 1819. Kailua Pier is home port for the sport fishing fleet and in the late afternoon the lucky anglers are photographed with their catches. For the fresh lunch, two good restaurants are nearby, Paniolo Pizza and the Kona Galley serving fresh fish. For dinner, the S.S. James Makee is the place to go. Small but elegant, cooking by traditional Hawaiian healthy recipes and serving traditional Hawaiian dishes and fresh fish.

One of the super luxury resorts on the Kona Coast is the 351 room Manuna Lani Bay Hotel which opened early in 1983. Arriving here, it is hard not to stop and gawk at the atrium lobby, as long as a football field and seemingly sky-high. Ii is a delightful spot for an early evening drink. A glass enclosed elevator whisks you to your floor. The high-ceilinged rooms are spacious, with large lanais. A ceiling fan is thoughtfully provided for those who prefer natural ventilation. Mahogany shutters grace the rooms.

The excellent beach is complemented by manmade lagoons and imaginative landscaping. A scuba boat takes divers to nearby reefs, and a catamaran offers cruises around the bay. Also available are small sailboats and windsurfers, Hawaiian canoes, and fishing tackle for shoreline fishing.

Jogging trails wind through the grounds. The ten Plexipave-surfaced tennis courts are finished to play at five different speeds to match player’s ability. The Francis H Gold Course is a masterpiece. Named for a world-famous amateur, its 6,813 yards wind through black lava fields on the front nine and brown lava fields on the back nine.

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Cheap Backpacks – Finding One Based on Value

Whether you are an avid backpacker, a fashion enthusiast or just looking for a decent backpack to use at school for a good price, finding some cheap backpacks that will last through the use and abuse is possible.  There are a few tricks and essential places to look to find premium, high quality, cheap backpacks.  Here we will discuss those places and give you a helping hand in finding the perfect backpack for you.

The first place I would recommend for anyone searching for a good backpack is to go online.  Online searching is without a doubt the way to shop now days.  Here you pretty much have an infinite amount of resources available.  You can also find a ton of reviews from people that have tried out the product that you are researching.  Now, there are some people that just like to view the actual physical object before purchasing it.  That is okay.  There is a solution.  For those that need to see the backpack first it is recommended to go shopping.  Look for the backpack that you are seeking.  Once you find it, try it out, ask a sales person all the details and then AVOID THE PURCHASE.  Hold off for a few hours and hop back online to compare prices.  I found a top of the line Kelty hiking backpack for 60 per cent off the retail price this way.

For those that do not need to see the actual product it is recommended that you research as many reviews that you can.  This way you will get a great idea about the product and the company that you are buying from.  Usually, the reviews provide more than enough feedback for the purchaser to make an informed buying decision.   By shopping online you can find deals up to 80 per cent off.

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Dungloe as a Fishing Center in County Donegal

In Dungloe you may even be lucky enough to fish with Eoghan McCole; a renowned local Angler who knows a thing or two about fishing. Eoghan is extremely competitive and always takes a photo of any fish he catches; he often claims to catch hundreds a season though if you look closely at his photos they always seem to be of the same fish!

Dungloe is a friendly town where local angling knowledge is given freely and the visiting angler is always made to feel welcome. Fishing tackle, advice, permits etc. can be obtained from Charlie Bonners & Sons located on the Main Street. Charlie is a well-known local character and you will have as much chance meeting him on the bank or boat (during the season) as in his shop!

The local hotel the “Ostan na Rosann’,’ in association with the Rosses Anglers, offers “all-in” fishing packages tailored to the individual anglers need. Together with your accommodation, they will arrange for your boat, gillie and permits etc. The hotel also has a leisure center with facilities that include an 18-meter swimming pool, gym, Jacuzzi and steam room.

There are numerous places of interest nearby which are well worth a visit including the Kerrytown Shrine, located three miles north of Dungloe, where it is said that The Blessed Virgin appeared in 1939.

Of historical interest would be the Watch Tower dating from the Napoleonic era, located at Crohey Head and the site of the seventh century Monastery of St. Crona in Termon.

One of Dungloe’s most famous sons was Peadar O’Donnell (1893 -1986) socialist, republican, novelist and journalist. A weekend of talks, poetry, film and music celebrating his life and times is held every year in October.

Heading out from Dungloe, you can travel along the coast to Burtonport, at the y-junction approximately 6kms from Dungloe, take a left down to the harbour and village.

Burtonport (Ailt an Chorrdin), or “The Port” as its local name suggests is a famous fishing village where freshly prepared seafood, straight from the Atlantic, can be enjoyed in the local restaurants located just a few yards from the harbour.

The award – winning Lobster Pot is one such establishment where the visitor can even get to choose their own lobster straight from the tank on the premises! This popular restaurant offers the visitor fine food and great craic beside an open turf fire. These are just some of the great things to do in Donegal.

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